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I’ve been reading for as long as I remember. As a child my parents frequently took me to the local library and I discovered the amazing world of imagination.
I loved AA Milne and one of the first books I remember my mother reading to me when I was about 7 years old was I am David: a harrowing account of a young boy escaping a concentration camp.
I was always attracted to crime thrillers, suspense and I’ve always kept an open mind with my reading.
I’ll read books in just about every genre.
Now I look for something different like Sweet Pea, Three Women, Silence of the Girls or very often books by foreign authors such as Isabelle Allende, Yoko Ogawa or Carlos Ruiz Safron.

Now, I am the author of the Mikky dos Santos thrillers that includes GOLDEN ICON (The Prequel), MASTERPIECE, BOOK OF HOURS, STOLEN SCRIPT and THE FAKING GAME. TRUTHFUL LIES will be published in November and BROKEN WINDOWS in 2020.

I have also published a love story ELLIE BRAVO and two books of short stories RED SHOES and BEDTIME READS.

If you read any of my books then please do leave a review on Amazon. This helps other readers to notice my work.

If you would like to join my Readers’ Groups simply sign up and download GOLDEN ICON for free. http://www.subscribepage.com/janetpywell

I have a blog about how I write my novels and the research involved and a weekly blog on Bedtime Reads. https://janetpywellauthor.wordpress.com/

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Writing is a personal challenge for me. I love the entertainment and pleasure of plotting events and creating fictional characters and I hope that you, my reader, will find excitement and enjoyment from my work. Thank you for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy reading what I am writing.

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  1. I love your work. You are a talented author who clearly researches very thoroughly which I really like. I always look forward to the blog as well. Keep on writing!

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