Book in a Bag
Janet and Book in a Bag
Book in a Bag in East Kent
Find a Book in a Bag along the coast in East Kent.

I left 12 “Books in a Bag” along the coast between Whitstable and Tankerton to be picked up by avid readers on the May Bank Holiday weekend (1st May).

Reminiscent of a message in a bottle, the twelve separate bags contained my new crime thriller MASTERPIECE. Left in various locations; on benches, on the beach wall or on the breakwater, I am hoping that the books will be picked up by book lovers or will be passed on to readers who enjoy this genre.

Each book is marked so that readers can contact me through Twitter, Facebook or on my website. I would like to track where the books are read in the UK or possibly abroad. I am urging each reader, once the book is read, to pass on to another reader and to keep it going.

Similar things have been done before such as: books travelling on the London Underground network waiting to be read: ‘Take it, read it, leave it.’

And in Manhattan, New York, a man emptied his apartment of books leaving them in public places many of which have now found been found around the world.

To date I have received these messages:


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“MASTERPIECE is my second crime novel and it’s a great holiday read. It is based in London, Dresden and Mallorca. If you like crime, art, travel and a novel with twists and surprises then this is for you. The first novel THE GOLDEN ICON is based in Lake Como, Dublin and Munich. With so many visitors to Whitstable over the bank holiday I would love readers to pass the book on. Each book is numbered on the inside cover and I hope to monitor the journey of each book on my social media sites and hopefully they may reach the locations in which some scenes are set. Perhaps some readers will even send me a photograph.”