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  1. Dear Janet

    What a surreal surprise finding a book in a bag, on a bench, near the beach of a bay on a beautiful day at Whitstable.

    It was the 2nd of May to be precise. My family and I were on a day trip from London doing touristy things.

    I have just finished reading your marvelous book, Masterpiece (1/12) and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you!

    I have left your book in its bag, on a bench ouside the Eagle Tavern at Little Coxwell of Oxfordshire. I wish it well on its further adventures.

    Would be lovely to hear how the others have travelled.


    1. Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your message. I’m delighted that you enjoyed MASTERPIECE and Thank You for passing it on. I’ve been busy this summer as my next novel is due for publication next spring. I hope to update my website with any progress of the books and to track where they end up! Thanks for joining in with the spirit of it all. Best wishes, Janet

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