When Ellie loses her prestigious job and walks out on her partner, she escapes London for a new life….    but that’s when things start to really go wrong.

She falls head-over-heels for a female colleague who is married with a child. To choose love, Ellie will have to sacrifice her job, career and professional reputation. But the lure of Maria is too strong to resist.

When Maria’s husband discovers the truth, he is willing to intimidate Ellie into getting what he wants – and is prepared to use any means possible to ruin her.

However, Ellie Bravo is not the sort of girl to succumb to threats. She rides a Harley and has a meaningful tattoo across her shoulder.

She’s determined to fight…. even at the risk of losing everything.

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How I wrote Ellie Bravo

I wrote Ellie Bravo as an experiment in a bi-weekly blog. On average there were between 500 – 750 words for each post and at the end of the year when the first rough draft was finished I had 62,000 words. In the blog I created and collected information about the characters, building their lives using photographs that I took, other images and even recipes that were later mentioned in the novel.

It was a fun exercise and after redrafting and editing I decided to publish. Click on the link to read an excerpt from the published novel and to browse the images of Ellie Bravo’s life.