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If you would like to read my blog on writing and researching a novel. Please click on the image below:  

There are many blogs on how to write and where to find the necessary skills but MY blog is different.

In this blog I’ll let you about the hurdles I’ve overcome to self publish 8 books:
My four crime thrillers from the Cultural Crime Series: GOLDEN ICON, MASTERPIECE, BOOK OF HOURS, STOLEN SCRIPT, FAKING GAME and TRUTHFUL LIES. I have also published two books of short stories RED SHOES  and BEDTIME READS, and also a romance novel ELLIE BRAVO.

There is no quick or guaranteed successful methods for writing but there are tips, skills and crafts that will help you BUT the aim of this blog is to show you – how I research for my novels to bring plot, characters and scenes alive.

When I first started writing my novels I had no idea what research I’d have to do. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet and correspond with interesting and skilled people who have been willing to share their experiences, their craft and quite often their secrets. This has helped bring authenticity to my writing. Many people have asked me how I do my research but it’s not just about collating all the information, it’s also about weaving the knowledge or the tiniest of details into the narrative to make a scene or piece of dialogue more realistic.

I owe it to my readers to make my writing believable AND research can make all the difference in making a story seem real. Simply click here: